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  • Life Members can contest for PKMRS Committee .Normal members will not be entitle to contest for higher post expect AJK.
  • Life members for 2 years can contest to be committee member. Compulsory to attend continues 2 years AGM.
  • After 4 years serving as committee, can contest for all post, Compulsory to attend continues 4 years AGM and committee meetings. In absence should inform the committee in written? And need to get approval in writing by 5 Trustee.
  • Trustee selection by assisting committee.
  • Trustee is life time position unless they migrate, resign or total disable. Can be replaced by committee members with approval by Trustee.
  • All trustees will be in charge of fixed deposit &Asset. Any disposal of fund should be discussed and approved in committee meeting.
  • Any misunderstanding among committee members ,trustee have the Rights to resolve and take responsible to run the association reelect the Committee members within 3 months.

Life Membership Benefits

  • Age at entry should be above 18 and below 65.
  • Life membership ⠓ paidonce and not transferable or renewable.
  • After demised of the member , the registered beneficially will get RM 1,000 as death benefit ( effective after 3 years of membership).
  • Payment will be made to the Beneficiary as per the names stated in Life Membership Certificate.
  • Beneficiary must inform PKMRS Chairman, Secretary and Committee Member within 14 days .Claim form should be filled up and attached with the death certificate.
  • Life member can apply financial assistant for children education with approval from Trustee and Committee Members.
  • Life Members will be given Membership Cerficate and Card.

Registration Received!

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