Terms and Conditions

PKMRS Terms and Conditions

  1. Only Life Members can contest for PKMRS Committee. Normal/Yearly Members will not be entitled to contest for higher post except AJK.
  2. After 2 years of lifetime membership, the member can contest to become a committee member. Once named, it is compulsory for the member to attend 2 years of AGM in a row.
  3. After 4 years of serving in PKMRS Committee, the member can contest for all post. Once elected, it is mandatory for the member to attend consecutively 4 years of AGM and committee meetings. In the case of absence is inevitable, the member must inform in writing to the committee and address it formally to 5 Trustees to obtain approval.
  4. Trustee selection by assisting committee.
  5. PKMRS Trustee is a lifetime position unless they migrate, resign or suffer total disability. If such, the Trustee can be replaced by other committee members with approval from the Trustees.
  6. All Trustees will be in charge of fixed deposit & Assets. Any disposal of the fund(s) should be discussed and approved at the committee meeting.
  7. In the occurrence of misunderstanding among committee members, the Trustees has its reserved Rights to resolve the matter and shall hold responsible for running a re-election for the committee members within 3 months whichever necessary.

PKMRS Life Membership Benefits

  1. Age of entry should be above 18 and below 65.
  2. Life membership fee is paid once, non-transferable and non-renewable.
  3. Life Members will receive a Membership Certificate and Card from PKMRS.
  4. In the incident of a demised member, the nominated beneficiary will receive a sum of RM1,000 as a death compassionate benefit (effective after 3 years of life membership).
  5. The aforementioned sum will be paid made to the beneficiary as per the name stated on the Life Membership Certificate of the demised member.
  6. The beneficiary must inform PKMRS Chairman, Secretary and Committee Member within 14 days of the incident. The beneficiary will be required to fill in a claim form and attach it to the demised member's death certificate for claim processing.
  7. Life members can apply financial assistant for children education with approval from the Trustee and Committee Members.