Uthaya Kumar M Apau Nattar

Founder of PKMRS,
President of PKMRS (2010 - present)

Welcome to our community website. It is never too late to discover a purpose in life and nothing is more meaningful than to care and help a fellow human being. The purpose of this website is to allow us to share our thoughts, achievement, activities, and ideas from PKMRS to all walks of lives.

My humble childhood began in this town - Rawang and it has always found ways to remind myself of the vibrant community that I love to see every day. My career as a certified consultant in the Mechanical and Electrical field for over 32 years serving giant corporation such as Petronas & BRDB did not forget its root and PKMRS was founded to serve that single purpose which is to give back and help the needy to find their voice.

Since its inception, Persatuan Kebajikan Masyarakat Rawang Selangor, or known better as PKMRS has grown with many helping hands from volunteers and has more than 80 Lifetime members as of to date 2018. With such admirable participation, we commemorate its 9th Anniversary celebrating years of time and effort poured to help and give back to our community.

My greatest hope is that PKMRS will continue to grow, shape our community by virtue and together we share the responsibility of taking care each other. Without a connecting community, we are just living our lives circled with our own needs and this negligence will disconnect our younger generations from knowing a vibrant community.

My heartiest congratulation and thanks to every volunteer who have spent their time helping to make each activity a success. Without you here, I would have failed as a President and I hope you will always feel welcome and good about yourself knowing your role is as important as mine.

As a non-profit, charity, and welfare organization, my role as a President is to always make sure good ideas are achievable and can serve those who are in need. As a result, I hope that I was able to make PKMRS objectives clearer and visible paving the way for my successors to take up the leading role in PKMRS knowing volunteers and lifetime members of PKMRS will give their fullest support to their newest President.

My heart has always been with the community and nothing brings me more joy than seeing PKMRS in some ways had played a helping role in their lives. I hope our younger generations will find this website useful to help create more awareness and invite many more volunteers to come and share their ideas and reach out to help those who are in need.

With love and best wishes,
Uthaya Kumar M Apau Nattar, Founder of PKMRS